I'm a lifelong content marketer that's worked with companies including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, Wistia, and Algolia. I've been a writer, content strategist, team lead, marketing director, and agency co-founder.

I’m currently VP of Content for Animalz, a 100+ person content marketing agency that delivers high-quality content marketing to enterprise companies, startups, and VC firms.

I’m also the author of the post-apocalyptic novel The Green Priest, the host of the Ash Tales podcast, a (very) amateur photographer, and the guitarist for the electronic-pop-rock band The Schrödinger Effect.

The Green Priest

I’m the author of a self-published fantasy-inspired post-apocalyptic novel, The Green Priest.

The novel is is available through Amazon and Ash Tales.

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Ash Tales

I run Ash Tales, the post-apocalyptic podcast.
I narrate original short stories from a range of contributors, currently clocking in at 50,000 plays.

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The Schrödinger Effect

I’m the guitarist for electronic-pop-rock band The Schrödinger Effect.

Our music combines elements of ambient pop, funk, and post-rock.

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Podcasts, Webinars & Conference Talks

As guest

Spark Creativity and Generate Memorable Content with Ryan Law (The Long Game)
Thought Leadership and Freelancing for Agencies (Peak Freelance)
Sharing Your 'Earned Secret' & The Key to Standing Out In Search (Some Good Content)
Why Animalz Prefers Thought Leadership Content Over Search Traffic (Growth Stories)

As host

Hyper-Competitive Content Marketing With Buffer’s Ash Read | Episode 61
AI, Twitter Marketing & The Creator Economy with Blake Emal | Episode 60
Product-Led Content & Thinking Like a Strategist with Dr. Fio Dossetto | Episode 59
Content Marketing Benchmark Report | Episode 58
How to Become a Thought Leader | Episode 56
Content Q&A #1 | Episode 55
GPT-3: The Good, the Bad, the Mind-Blowing | Episode 54
Ecommerce Content Marketing: Hyper-Competition, Niches, and COVID-19 | Episode 53
Auditing the Animalz Blog: What Works and What Doesn’t | Episode 52

The Animalz Principles of Quality | Episode 51
EdTech Content Marketing | Episode 50
What Brands Can Learn From Big Publishers with Parse.ly’s Andrew Montalenti | Episode 49
Category Creation with SaaStock’s Emily Byford | Episode 48
Top, Middle and Bottom of the Funnel Content—What Does It All Mean?! | Episode 37
The Copycat Content Crisis | Episode 29
The Secret to Content Promotion | Episode 18
The Content Growth Cycle | Episode 5


How to Manage Big Blogs (feat. Buffer, Zapier & Amplitude)
Content Auditing: How to Find Growth Opportunities Hidden in Your Content
Content Refreshing: How to Get New Traffic from Old Blog Posts
Webinar: The Animalz Content Marketing Benchmark Report (Superpath)
How to Turn Wild Opinions into Traffic, Backlinks and Social Proof (Wynter)

Conference talks

How to Turn Wild Opinions into Traffic, Backlinks, and Social Proof (BrightonSEO)

Bylined content

Animalz (2018 - Present)

The Content Writing Guide: How to Write Blog Posts That Readers Care About
You’re a Content Marketer, Not a Writer
Persuasive Writing In Three Steps: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
Experiment, Systematize, Differentiate: The Content Strategy Maturity Model
The Hybrid Content Team
How to Do a Content Audit (the Strategic Way)
How to Interview Someone for an Article
How to Get Competitors Speaking Your Language
How to Go Viral: A Content Marketer’s Guide
The 'Google Knows Best' Fallacy
Deep Cuts and Smash Hits: The Best of Animalz in 2020
6 Lessons Learned from a Year of Content Strategy
No, You Shouldn’t Always Focus on the Bottom of the Funnel
6 Low Effort, High Impact Content Ideas
4 Realistic Traffic Goals for Small(ish) Blogs
Write for the Lurkers
The Animalz Content Marketing Benchmark Report 2020
The Idea Farm: How to Sow, Grow, and Harvest Great Blog Post Ideas
How to Fast-Track ROI From Your First Blog Post
Why Readers Can Smell Fakes a Mile Away
The Second Mover Advantage in Content Marketing
Yes, You Should Talk About Your Competitors
You Need a Nemesis
The Auteur Theory of Content Marketing: Why It Pays to Repeat Yourself
Niche Down to Scale Up: A Case Study in Ecommerce Content Marketing
How to Succeed as a Content Team of One
Why Wirecutter Wins: Opinionated Content
MECE: How to Think, Write & Persuade Like a McKinsey Consultant
High-Concept Content: the Hollywood Framework for Crafting Popular Content
The Category Creator’s Manifesto
4 Growth Opportunities Hiding in Recession
This Is What Content Marketing Looks Like in a Crisis
Risk vs. Reward: How to Build a Diversified Content Portfolio
5 Content Marketing Strategies for Niche B2B Industries (CXL)
Copycat Content: SEO Tools Got Us Here, Humans Will Get Us Out
Here Are Three Ways to Improve Your Keyword Research
The Secret to Content Promotion Is Hidden in Plain Sight
The Content Growth Cycle

ConversionXL (2018)

5 Content Marketing Strategies for Niche B2B Industries

Zapier (2018)

The Best Transcription Apps and Services

Cobloom (2015 - 2018)

Do You Really Need a SaaS Startup Mentor?
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Converged Media Strategy: the Evolution of Paid, Owned and Earned
How to Pick The Perfect B2B Email Frequency
How to Write a Standout Marketing Email
The Ultimate Guide to Inbound SaaS Marketing
How to Get More From Your B2B Website Traffic
How to Write a Great B2B Blog Post Title
5 Marketing Tactics Every B2B Business Should Try in 2015
5 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Qualified Sales Leads
Is Outsourced Cold Calling Right for Your B2B Business?
5 Reasons Your Small B2B Company Will Stay Small
30 B2B Marketing Automation Statistics You Should Know for 2015

Kapost (2014 - 2015)

4 Psychological Hacks to Improve Your Copywriting
Agile Marketing: How to Respond to Real-Time Marketing Opportunities
How Google’s Algorithms Are Making SEO Seriously Simple
6 Common Buyer Persona Mistakes to Avoid
The 5 Best Online Sales Enablement Assets
What You Need to Know about the Changing B2B Buying Process
4 Free Resources for Prolific Content Creators
4 Idea Generation Resources to Inspire Your Marketing Content
3 Essential Social Media Marketing Resources
5 Super Simple Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages
3 Psychological Principles behind Viral Blog Posts
5 Essential Types of Social Proof (and the Psychology Behind Them)
How Psychology Can Optimize Your B2B Pricing Strategy
How to Allocate Your B2B Marketing Budget
5 Quick Case Studies In B2B Twitter Marketing
6 Examples of Perfect B2B Video Marketing
10 B2B Infographics Showcasing Visual Content Marketing at Its Best
10 B2B Businesses School Us in Long-Form Content Marketing

Portrait & performance

Shot with Sony a6000 and 55-210mm kit lense. Edited in Lightroom.

Landscape & nature

Shot with Sony a6000 and 16-50mm/55-210mm kit lenses. Edited in Lightroom.

Untitled Content Marketing Book

I'm in the early stages of writing a weird and wonderful book about content marketing. In the coming months, I'll need a helping hand from a few beta readers.

If you'd like to be a beta reader (or you'd just like to know when the book releases), you can share your email address below and I'll add you to my private mailing list.