Ryan Law


I’m a content marketer that’s worked with companies including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, ProfitWell and Algolia.

I’m currently a content strategist at the remote marketing agency Animalz. I manage a team of ten writers and develop content strategy for SaaS and technology companies.

I run Ash Tales, an online magazine and podcast sharing original post-apocalyptic fiction. I wrote a novel called The Green Priest.

I use Twitter a bunch, LinkedIn less so.


I share my thoughts on content marketing on the Animalz blog. I also write the Animalz newsletter, a once-weekly dose of content strategy, community insights and recommended reading.

These are a few of my favourite articles:

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I periodically co-host the Animalz podcast. Here's one of my favourite episodes:

The Green Priest

I'm the author of a post apocalyptic fantasy novel called The Green Priest.

Set hundreds of years after the collapse of civilisation, the story follows a band of hunters as they navigate a flooded world wracked by ancient technology and dark magic.

You can read chapter one or listen to me narrate it on the Ash Tales podcast.

The Green Priest - Ryan Law

Available on Amazon and Ash Tales .

Ash Tales

I run an online magazine that publishes original short stories about the end of the world. I also narrate a selection of stories on the Ash Tales podcast, with 36,000 plays and counting